Youth Boot Camp


Age:  8-12 years old

Fee:  $32.00

Date:  Oct 13- Nov 12

Days:  Tues / Thurs

Times:  4:15-5:00 p.m.

During Youth Boot Camp participants will work with certified professionals to achieve an excellent workout in a boot camp style setting.  They will focus on movement, games, and playing activities. During Summer Strong they will focus on agility, conditioning, and functional movements.  Each session promotes fitness and wellness education, social interaction and improved self esteem.  

Break-Thru Athletic Performance


Age:  13-18 years old

Fee:  $99.00

Date:  Nov 9 - Dec 17

Days:  Mon - Thurs

Times:  4:30-5:30pm or 7:00-8:00pm

BREAK THRU Strength & Conditioning 
You have completed another season. Congratulations. Welcome to your preseason.  The Break-Thru program is geared towards athletes that are not satisfied with their performance, the athlete whom dream of climbing the mountain.  This is your road map. Want more playing time? Want more collegiate options?  Want to be a champion?  The time for wanting is over, the clock has struck midnight and it is time to raise-up and get to work!
Program includes:

6-week athletic capacity building program

4- 65 minute sessions / week
•    Range of Motion Strength
•    Bodily awareness 
•    Balance and cognitive function
•    Strength Development 
•    Knowledge of how to train the body to achieve desired results

Girls Run Together


Age:  Grades 4th - 5th

Fee:  Approx. $18.75

Date:  Sept 15 - Nov 19

Days:  Tues & Thurs

Times:  5:15-6:30 p.m.

"Girls Run Together" uses running and other activities as a platform for teaching life skills and promoting holistic outcomes for girls of all abilities in 3rd to 5th grade.  Over the course of a 10-week session, girls will improve in competence, confidence, caring, character, connection, and contribution.  At "Girls Run Together" girls will have fun, make friends, build confidence, and learn that their potential isn't just enormous, it's beyond measure!  At the end of the 10 weeks the girls and group leaders will celebrate with a 5km run/walk TOGETHER. Registration is through the Girls on the Run organization. 

This program will start back up in September. 

Jump Start Program


Age:  5-10 years

Fee:  FREE to members ($5 for guests)

Date:  During the school year

Days:  Mon and Wed 

Times:  4:15-5:00 p.m.

Jump Start is a fun and functional fitness program for children ages 5 to 10. Each session is programmed to teach healthy habits, strength, stamina and flexibility to improve skills and confidence and to promote a healthy mind set early in childhood. Classes are included in your membership or day rate fee of $5.00 (please check in at the front desk.)  This class is first come, first serve with a max of 10 spots, no exceptions.  *You must sign up on the ARC Fitness App to reserve your spot.  Please take your child to Fitness Room #1 upstairs.  They will be brought back downstairs after class.

Youth Pink Gloves







We now have Youth Pink Gloves Boxing for teens! This program is geared towards girls ages 12-17.  We are looking for those that are looking for a fun way to get in a great workout!  It's not only about the exercise, but about empowering young woman to be proud of themselves and to work hard to achieve their goals. This will be held at the ARC in a fitness room.

Dates: TBD

Summer Strong







Summer Strong is a comprehensive training program focused on developing an athletic foundation and getting your athlete ready to perform in all areas of sport. Taught by qualified Strength and Conditioning Coaches, this program includes strength and power development, speed and agility training with a focus on injury prevention. 

Equinox Conditioning


Age:  13-18 years old

Fee:  $75.00

Date:  Sept 1 - Nov 1

Days:  Tues / Thurs

Times:  6-7am, 4:30-5:30pm, or 7-8pm.

As the fall equinox approaches it is time to begin the preparations for the winter months, Farmers harvest their crops, Jacks turn trees to timber and athletes begin to harden the body, mind and spirit. Our EQUINOX CONDITIONING PROGRAM will be tailored to athletes wanting to take their conditioning and bodies to new levels! 
Program includes: 
8-week strength and conditioning program 
2X/week Live with 1 weekly check-in (virtual or video recordings)
•    Range of Movement Strength
•    Higher volume to bulletproof muscles
•    High intensity cardiovascular training circuits
•    Mobility to improve action potential
•    Sharpening of the mind body connection
•    Building of the resiliency of the spirit through struggle

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