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Youth Boot Camp (7-11 yrs.)

$40.00 Fee

July 11 - Aug 3 (Tues/Thurs)

10:30-11:15am at the Williston ARC

During Youth Boot Camp participants will work with certified professionals to achieve an excellent workout in a boot camp style setting.  They will focus on movement, games, and playing activities. During Summer Strong they will focus on agility, conditioning, and functional movements.  Each session promotes fitness and wellness education, social interaction and improved self esteem.

Lifting & Power Performance for Tweens/Teens (12-14 yrs.)

$40.00 Fee for 4 Weeks

July 10 - Aug 2 (Mon/Wed)

10:30-11:30 am at the ARC Cage

The incorporation of resistance training and power to help tweens/teens improve performance. This class is designed for children 12-17 years to promote and provide a safe and instructional weight training program in “The Cage”.  Resistance exercise used in strength training builds muscle strength and stamina. This increases lean body mass and improves the metabolic rate. Strength training on a regular basis is good for heart health and building strong bones. Strength training helps to reduce injuries, it can help improve sports performance, but even more importantly it builds a fitness habit that can serve the child well throughout life.

What'SUP Camp (10-15 yrs.)

$75.00 Fee

__________ (Mon-Thurs)

1:30-4:30pm at Spring Lake Park

WHAT’SUP Camp is a Stand Up Paddling Boarding camp for your 10 to 15 year old.  Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) is gaining popularity and loved by many for it’s convenience, strength building and FUN factor on the water.  This 3 hour program will get campers out on the water with the focus on learning basic paddle techniques while having fun through games, skill progressions and challenges. Campers will be under the guidance of PADDLEFIT® certified instructors and will learn basic strokes, turns, and water safety while getting plenty of individualized support as they develop their confidence and skills.  As well as being on the water campers will participate in cooperative leadership games and activities on land.  Pre-requisites: Campers MUST feel comfortable in open water, wear their Lifejacket and have a good attitude. Lifejackets are provided but we recommend you bring your own.

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