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Youth Boot Camp


Age:  8-12 years old

Fee:  $33.50

Date:  Sept 14 - Oct 7 & Oct 26 - Nov 18

Days:  Tues / Thurs

Times:  4:30-5:15 p.m.

During Youth Boot Camp participants will work with certified professionals to achieve an excellent workout in a boot camp style setting.  They will focus on movement, games, and playing activities. During Summer Strong they will focus on agility, conditioning, and functional movements.  Each session promotes fitness and wellness education, social interaction and improved self esteem.  

Youth Pink Gloves Boxing


Age: 10-17

Fee:  $35.00

Date:  Sept 13 - Oct 6 & Oct 25 - Nov 17

Days:  Mon/Wed

Times:  5:00-6:00pm


Youth Pink Gloves Boxing is a fitness program that delivers an amazing workout and an emotionally rewarding experience to small communities of powerful girls and women. The fitness world is overflowing with great programs, but YPGB is in a class of its own. Pink Gloves is the only program that puts a great deal of focus on social and emotional growth in addition to the amazing workout. Using the core movements of competitive boxing, YPGB is a non-contact program for girls who want to live a healthy lifestyle. Join us in changing the way we look at the world of fitness. Pink Gloves Boxing™ (PGB) truly is a movement towards a healthier lifestyle!

Girls Run Strong


Age:  Grades 3rd - 6th

Fee:  Approx. $40.00

Date:  Sept14 - Nov 4, 5km run on Nov 6th 

Days:  Tues & Thurs

Times:  5:15-6:30 p.m.


Girls Run Strong promotes the physical, social, and emotional development of young girls. Using running, games
and lessons participants will build on confidence and character by connecting with themselves, others and the 
community. The 5th -6th grade program also focuses on leadership traits and mentoring the younger group. 
Throughout the 10 weeks participants are using the activities to train for the 5km celebration run.

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Jumpstart Homeschool PE


Age:  5-10 years

Fee:  $32.00

Date:  TBD

Days:  Tues and Fri

Times:  2:00-2:45 pm

Jump Start is a fun and functional fitness program for children ages 5 to 10. This program is geared to mimic school Physical Education and offered to our homeschool children. Each session is programmed to teach healthy habits, strength, stamina and flexibility to improve skills and confidence and to promote a healthy mind set early in childhood. Our instructor will use play and games to keep the children active, engaged and healthy.

Break-Thru Athletic Performance


Age:  13-18 years old

Fee:  $50.50

Date:  April 12- May 5

Days:  Mon / Wed

Times:  4:30-5:30pm 

The Break-Thru program is geared towards athletes that are not satisfied with their performance, the athlete whom dream of climbing the mountain.  This is your road map. Want more playing time? Want more collegiate options?  Want to be a champion?  The time for wanting is over, the clock has struck midnight and it is time to raise-up and get to work!
Program includes:

6-week athletic capacity building program

4- 65 minute sessions / week

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Family Groove


Age: Geared for kids ages 2-6

Fee:  Daily ARC Rates

Date:  Every Friday June 4-July 16

Days:  Friday

Times:  10:30-11:00am

Come join us Friday mornings on the front lawn of the ARC to get moving and have some fun. Each Friday we will have interactive, age appropriate moves, music and special themes. This class in included in your day pass or membership.  

Summer Strong


Age:  14-18 years old

Fee:  $75.00

Date:  July 12 - August 5

Days:  Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs

Times:  10-11am or 4:30-5:30pm

Summer Strong is a comprehensive training program focused on developing an athletic foundation and getting your child ready to perform in all areas of sport. Taught by qualified Strength and Conditioning Coaches, this program includes strength and power development, speed, and agility training with a focus on injury prevention.

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What' SUP Camp


Age: 10-15 years

Fee:  $52.00

Date: June 28-1 or July 12-15

Days:  Mon-Thurs

Times:  2:30-4:00 pm

WHAT’SUP Camp is a Stand Up Paddling Boarding camp for your 10 to 15 year old.  This 1.5 hour program will get campers out on the water with the focus on learning basic paddle techniques while having fun through games, skill progressions and challenges. Campers will be under the guidance of PADDLEFIT® certified instructors.  Pre-requisites: Campers MUST feel comfortable in open water, wear their Lifejacket and have a good attitude. Lifejackets are provided but we recommend you bring your own.


Summer Shred


Age: 10-15 Years

Fee:  $45.00

Date:  May 10 - May 27

Days:  Mon/Tues/Thurs

Times:  6:00-7:00pm

NEW Program! It's a 3 week course that will last a lifetime. It will consist of 1 interactive classroom session/week, where participants will learn why our bodies store fat and how to reverse the process. As well as 2 training sessions per week, geared towards proper movement patterns and build lean muscle mass. The perfect program to help youth learn about their bodies and build healthy habits. 

Break-Thru Baseball


Age:  13-18


Date:  March 9 - April 2

Days:  Tues & Thurs

Times:  4:30-5:30 p.m.


More info coming...