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Reserve a Shelter Today!

If you are in need of a shelter to host a party there are a variety of places to rent throughout the WPRD.  Shelters can be used for birthdays, reunions, group get-togethers or business gatherings.  Please remember that you are able to reserve shelters online up to 1 week prior to the event.  If you have a last minute reservation please stop by the ARC.

Rules for Our Parks:


For your safety and enjoyment, we ask you to abide by the following rules and regulations in our Parks & Rec facilities:

  1. Glass beverage containers are prohibited.

  2. Fireworks are prohibited at all times.

  3. Vehicles are restricted to roads and parking lots.

  4. Fires are restricted to fire pits and grills.

  5. Posters and advertisements are prohibited.

  6. It is illegal to carry a weapon into any park area.

  7. Pets must be on a leash and you MUST clean up after your pets.

  8. Hunting, trapping and/or killing of animals or birds is prohibited.

  9. No overnight camping/parking in Park District facilities.

  10. Alcohol permits are required and may be purchased at the ARC.

  11. Parks are open from dawn to dusk.


3422 36th St W


16th Ave. & 26th St. W.


11th St. & 9th Ave. W

Addresses for Our Parks...


Main St. & 11th St. W.


7th Ave. & 24th St. E.

Pheasant Run

27th St. & 19th Ave W.


South Main


2nd Ave. W. & 4th St. W.

Spring Lake Park

Highway 2 North

Western Star/Play 4 All

1600 19th Ave. W.


7th St. W. & 7th Ave. W.

"Play 4 All"

  • 1600 19th Ave. W.

  • Handicap Accessible  

  • Outdoor Ice Rink

  • Baseball Field

  • Walking Track



  • 11th St. & 9th Ave. W.

  • Splash Pad

  • Tennis Courts

  • Playground

  • Large Picnic Areas



  • Main St. & 11th St. W.

  • Community Events

  • Skatepark

  • Two playground areas

  • Various picnic areas

"Spring Lake"


  • Highway 2 North

  • Keel Boat Rental

  • Fishing/Beach

  • Several Parks

  • Volleyball Courts

"Dakota Park"


  • 16th Ave & 26th St W

  • Shelters

  • Playground

  • Baseball Fields

  • Climbing Rock

Western Star fields.jpg

Existing and Future Trails...


The City of Williston has put together this map of the existing and future trails in Williston! 

Trail Directions:

East Side -

137th Ave. NW

139th Ave. NW

32nd Ave

West Side - 

University Ave

135th Ave. NW

North Side - 

58th St.

11th St.

37th St. W.

South Side - 

42nd St. 

26th St.

18th St. 

Feel free to print of your own detailed map by clicking below:

The Keel Boat...


The Keel Boat is our most unique shelter that can be rented out for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, showers or any other kind of event!

The Keel Boat has the following:



Large Area (downstairs)

Small Area (upstairs)

Access to the Playground

Spacious Parking

Bike and Walking Trails

Reservations and availability can be checked by calling the ARC at 701-774-9773.

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