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Advertising Opportunities 

Williston Area Recreation Center (ARC) offers two areas of advertisement in high traffic areas.

Contact Marketing and Public Relations for more information:

Digital Screens

With 5 landscape 55" wall mounted digital screens to advertise on, your ad will rotate on all screens throughout the building during normal business hours. Availability is unlimited.

  • Initial start-up $100
    • $300/90days​
    • $1,000/annually

Our 5 screens are strategically placed to allow for maximum viewing of your advertisement. There are:

  • (2) in our entryway to catch guests coming and going.
  • (1) located next to our playground that all parents can see while at the playground.
  • (1) in our cardio room that has over 40 pieces of cardio equipment.
  • (1) in our weight room that is frequently used by all ages.
May contain: floor, flooring, person, accessories, bag, handbag, clothing, footwear, shoe, indoors, interior design, glove, computer hardware, electronics, hardware, monitor, screen, coat, and hat
Entryway 1
May contain: play area, indoors, interior design, lamp, floor, flooring, desk, furniture, table, car, transportation, vehicle, computer hardware, electronics, hardware, monitor, screen, and outdoors
May contain: floor, flooring, indoors, and interior design
Entryway 2
May contain: person, computer hardware, electronics, hardware, monitor, screen, clothing, footwear, shoe, fitness, sport, working out, gym, accessories, bag, and handbag
Weight Room
May contain: computer hardware, electronics, hardware, monitor, screen, person, people, working out, fitness, sport, and lamp
Cardio Room






  Wall-Mounted Display (12’ X 4’)

Large sized advertisement above front desk that will get noticed quickly by everyone that enters the facility. Availability is first come, first served.

  • Initial start-up - Cost of banner to be printed plus $100 to design and install.
  • Initial start-up – If banner is provided and approved, $100.
    • $300/month
    • $800/3 months
    • $1,500/6 months
    • $2,500/annual
inside of a building


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