Jeff Larson - President
Mike Owens - Vice President
Kelly Heller - Commissioner
Rheanda Axtman - Commissioner
John Liffrig - Commissioner
The Park Board oversees the Executive Director.
The Park Board is responsible for assisting/working with the Executive Director to set Policies/Procedures and Overall Financials.  
The Park Board delegates operations of the entire district to the Executive Director, while overseeing the policies/procedures/financials to achieve the mission of the district.
Board Meetings
The Williston Park Board of Commissioners has monthly meetings on the third Tuesday of each month. All meetings are open to the public and are held at The WARC at 5:30 pm.  Anyone who would like to address the Board needs to be put on the agenda by calling the Parks and Recreation District Office at (701)-774-9773 by Thursday before each meeting.
Future Park Board Meeting Dates (5:30 pm at the ARC)
January 19th            February 16th
March 16th               April 20th
May 18th                   June 15th
July 20th                   August 17th
September 28th       October 19th
November 16th        December 21st
Special Park Board Meeting Notes:
Current 2021 Park Board Meeting Notes: