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*Please note:  We have a waiting list for Private Lessons.  We are doing our best to contact families and make sure everyone gets a chance to learn this life skill.  Wait times can take anywhere from 0-6 months.

This Private Lessons program is intended for adults and children who don't find the ARC's group swim lessons a suitable option for their needs.  Private Lessons will be 45 minutes of swim time.  Swimmers and/or guardians will be invted to attend the 5 minute consult.  The consult will give instructors and patrons the opportunity to analyze progress and create a curriculum for the next session together.  
How many children need lessons?
Preferred Method of Communication
Do you have a WPRD account set up?
What water skills do you currently have?
What time would you be available?
Would you be interested in "partner" lessons with someone with similar skills/level? (This would be at a discounted rate.)

Thanks for your inquiry!

Someone will reach out to you soon!

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