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Oilers Schedule 2024

All home games are played at Ardean Aafedt Stadium located next to the Williston Community Library. 

Watford TourneyJune 6-9TBD4Watford
MandanJune 115:00pm | 7:00pm2Aafedt
Bismarck RepsJune 125:00pm | 7:00pm2Aafedt
Renville June 143:00pm1Aafedt
CapitalsJune 163:00pm |5:00pm2Aafedt
WatfordJune 185:00pm | 7:00pm2Watford
Chris Wenzel TourneyJune 21-23TBD6Bismarck
BeulahJune 241:00pm | 3:00pm2Beulah
MinotJune 252:00pm | 4:00pm2Minot
DickinsonJuly 26:00pm | 8:00pm2Astoria 
JamestownJuly 83:00pm |5:00pm2Aafedt
WillistonJuly 95:00pm | 7:00pm2Aafedt
Bismarck SenJuly 105:00pm | 7:00pm2Bismarck Muni
First StateJuly 12-14TBD4Aafedt
DickinsonJuly 9 5:00pm | 7:00pm2Aafedt
DivisionalsJuly 20-23TBD5Mandan
StateJuly 31-August 4TBD5Kinder
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