Fitness Boot Camp BBB July.jpg

Boot Camp

Fee:  $60.00

Date: July 19th- Aug 13th (4 weeks)

Days:  Mon/Wed/Thur

Times: 5:00,6:00,9:00 AM

WPRD Boot Camp is a program that is serious about results. Certified instructors will train you while utilizing a variety of equipment and other forms of non-traditional training. Each workout will be different but include high intensity interval training, resistance training,  body weight exercises and more. 

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Woman & Weights

Fee: $50.00   

Date:  July 13 - August 5

Days:  Tues/Thurs

Times:  9:00-10:00am 


Learn how to correctly perform key lifts such as squat, dead-lift, bench press and clean and other programming strategies to build confidence and strength. We will work on power, endurance, and mobility while using functional training movements. This class will be in "The Cage", here we will learn to use our functional training equipment. 

Yoga/Full Moon Paddle

Fee:  $10.00 - $15.00

Date: July 23, and Aug 21

Times:  Depend on the full moon times

Join us on the water for two special Full MOON events. Full Moon Yoga on a paddleboard is an unique experience. You get to  practice a simple Moon Salutation under the moonlit sky while embracing nature, breath and balance.  
Stay after yoga or join us  for the FULL MOON paddle. Bring out the glow sticks and paddle under the light of the moon.  
Please register for each event separately.

Boot Camp (Stroller)


Fee:  $44.00

Date:  July 12-Aug 4

Days:  Mon/Wed

Times:  11:00-12:00pm

Stroller Boot Camp is a fun, stroller based fitness class designed for moms with little ones (preferably 6 weeks to toddler age.)  Lead by a qualified post natal instructor, you will build your fitness and re-tone your body while meeting other moms in the community.  This 6 week program includes a variety of workout activities, smoothie & coffee dates and nutrition information.

PaddleFit Outdoor Classes

Fee:  $33.00

Date:July 12-22

Days:  Tues/Thurs

Times: 6:00-7:00am

PADDLEFIT is a fitness class on the water and land that will challenge your balance, your mind, and strength in new, fun ways.  These classes are for all levels however you must be able to kneel comfortably and enjoy being outside on the water.  You also learn proper paddling technique, stance, different types of turns and some fitness fun! 


Stand Up Paddleboard Rentals

Fee:  $10.00 an hour

Date:  Starts back up on Memorial Day

Day:  See rental schedule

Times:  See rental schedule

We will have Stand Up Paddleboard rentals out at Spring Lake Park most weekends and some evenings throughout the summer. This activity is for all abilities and great for the whole family or a date.  Children 10+ can paddle their own board or little ones can ride on the front.  Ask for a punch card and get the 5th paddle free! 

Fitness Prenatal III Feb.jpg

Prenatal Wellness 

Fee:  $50.00 + $25 for self care kit (optional)

Date: June 7- July 14

Days:  Mon/Wed

Times: 12:15-1pm

Exercising during pregnancy improves your overall health, increases energy, reduces stress and helps to prepare you and your baby for child birth.  This 6 week program will include cardio, muscle toning, core strengthening and yoga.  Meet other expectant mothers while exercising confidently and safely with a qualified prenatal instructor.

Brush Lake Excursions

Fee:  $20.00/hr, $40/day

Date: Wed. July 7th, Thurs. July 8th


Join us out at Brush Lake! Enjoy the clear water on a paddle board for an hour or 4.  Fun for the whole family. Boards can be shared amongst family members and friends. Must be 10 years or older to rent but smaller children may sit on a board with a paddler. 

5K Fun Run

Fee:  $15.00 ($10 additional family)

Date: April 24th

Days:  Sat

Times:  Heats begin at 8:30 a.m.

"Sprint into Spring" is a part of our Fun Run Series! This is just an opportunity to run a 5K with friends and family.. We will meet atSpring Lake Park.  Only $15 a runner ($10 for additional family members)

TRX Core

Fee:  $65.00

Date: Back In Fall

Days:  Mon/Wed

Times:  4:30-5:15 PM

TRX Suspension Training gives you an edge over conventional strength training.  The TRX leverages gravity and your body weight to perform hundreds of different exercises.  This is one of the most individualized group classes as you can increase or decrease your resistance simply by adjusting your body position or straps.  It is a total body program with emphasis on strengthening your core and improving muscular endurance.

Fitness Myofascial Release Workshop Feb.

Myofascial Release Workshop


Fee:  $20.00 + $15 for balls if needed 

Date:  March 7th

Days:  Sundays

Times:  3:00-4:30 p.m.

Learn to live better in your body and how to roll out knots and tight spots such as shoulders, back, and hips. "Roll" With It workshop will go over the basics of myofascial release and how to do it correctly. You will take home your own set up myofascial release tools so you can continue to care for your body at home!  For more information contact jenn@wprd.u

WPRD Run Club

Fee:  $32.00

Date: TBD

Days:  Monday

Times:  5:30-6:30 p.m.

The WPRD Run Club...

Fitness Pink Gloves IV.jpg

Pink Gloves Boxing

Fee:  $112.00

Date:  Returning In The Fall

Days:  Mon/Wed @ 10:15-11:15am

           Tues/Thurs @ 5:45-6:45pm

Pink Gloves Boxing is a fitness program that delivers an amazing workout and an emotionally rewarding experience to small communities of powerful women.  Pink Gloves is the only program that puts a great deal of focus on social and emotional growth in addition to the amazing workout.  Using the core movements of competitive boxing, PGB is a non-contact program for women wanting to live a healthy lifestyle.  First time users must purchase a starter kit for $60 which includes gloves, wraps, bag and key chain. 

Postpartum Workshop


Date: Mar 28

Days:  Sunday

Times:  3:00-4:30 p.m.

Learn how to rehab your pelvic floor and new postpartum body.  In this workshop, you will work with a pelvic health physical therapist and a postnatal personal trainer to protect your healing body.  We have two highly certified instructors:  Kari Boston PT, DPT Physical Therapist and Michel Moore NASM, Certified Personal Trianer.