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Ballpark Fence Sign Sponsorship

We would like to extend an invitation to advertise on the outfield fences on some of our baseball and softball fields!

Ballpark fence advertising is a great way to get your company’s name out there and noticed, as well as being a great way to support community programs. All advertisements will be viewed by participants, players, fans in our programs and visitors from out of town.

Your advertisement will be 4’x 6’ in size and will be attached to the outfield fence at a baseball field of your company’s choice. Of the funds raised, 70% will go to a specific traveling program adventure of your companies choice, while the remaining 30% will be dedicated to maintenance, upkeep, and improvements to the facilities the signs are located at.

The cost to participate in this program is:

  • Year 1 - $500 to purchase the signage & the first year of advertisement.
  • Year 2 - $350
  • Year 3 - $350
  • Year 4 - You can sign another 3-year contract at a discounted rate of $400 ($100 savings)

*If for any reason your sign needs to be replaced due to damage in the first 3 years, WPRD will pick up the replacement

Advertise in bulk and you will receive a discount!

  • If you choose to purchase 2 signs you will receive 10% off.
  • If you choose to purchase 3 or more signs you will receive 20% off.

3-Year Pricing Examples:

  • 1 Sign- $500 for the sign + $350 Annual fee ($1200.00 for 3 years)
  • 2 Signs- $900 for the signs + $630 Annual fee ($2160.00 for 3 years)
  • 3 Signs- $1200 for the signs + $840 Annual fee ($2880.00 for 3 years)

 Download the form below for more details! Additional questions can be directed to

Ballpark Fence Sponsorhip Form


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