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Sand CoRec Volleyball League (21+)

$228 per Team

May 31 - Aug 9 (Wed) 


Leagues:  Intermediate/Lower/Upper

Registration Deadline:  May 24th

Participants will play 8 league games as well as a league tournament. The league is 4 on 4 and will follow sand volleyball rules. You cannot have more men on the court than women.  Alcohol permits are available for purchase for $15 per team.  NO LEAGUE ON JULY 5TH.  Questions contact:

CoEd Sand Volleyball Tournament (21+)

$80 per Team

June 19 (Sat)

Begins at 10:00am

This is a NEW program!  We are excited to host a 4x4 Sand Volleyball Tournament out at Spring Lake Park.  Teams are guaranteed 3 officiated games.  Alcohol permits are available for purchase.

Fall Volleyball League (16+)

Begins Sept 11

Women's Upper, no Ref.  $190 (Mon)

Women's Beginner $253.25 (Mon)

CoRec Beginner $253.25 (Tues)

CoRec Intermediate $253.25 (Tues)

CoRec Upper, no Ref.  $190 (Tues)

Women's Intermediate $253.25 (Wed)

Participants play in 8 league games in addition to a league tournament.  All 6 vs 6 leagues are played at the RFCC or the ARC.  You will need at least 4 players for a game and for co-rec, no more  men than women on the court at any given time.  Questions contact:

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