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The Raymond Family Community Center (RFCC) includes...

- Indoor Skating Rink used for the Teton Hockey program and open skating time for families (rentals available)

- Rentable space for large community events such as the rodeo, circus, concerts, Bike-A-Thon, etc.

- Rentable space for garage sales, car/truck sales, fundraiser events, and other misc. activities

- Courts used for our adult and youth volleyball and basketball programs

- Space used for our youth wrestling program

Dimensions and Numbers:

205'           Arena Length

138'           Arena Width

28,290      Arena Square Footage

2,050        Bleacher Capacity

97'             Floor Space Between Bleachers When Pulled Out

12' x 16'    Standard State Size

30' x 30'    Trailer Stage Size

180           Max Rentable Tables

650           Max Rentable Chairs

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