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Menopause Workshop

$20.00 Fee

June 22 (Thurs)


MENOPAUSE WORKSHOP--The Menopause Workshop will help you learn how to stay safe, confident, and strong during and after menopause.  Learn how to customize your own nutrition and fitness journey through menopause.  For any questions please email

Postpartum Workshop

$20.00 Fee

June 15 (Thurs)


POSTPARTUM WORKSHOP--The Postpartum Workshop will connect postpartum rehab to fitness.  Learn about diastasis recti and pelvic floor health while you workout and meet other new mothers.  For any questions please email

Prenatal Workshop

$20.00 Fee

June 13 (Tues)


PRENATAL WORKSHOP--The Prenatal Workshop will teach you how to train safely along with breathing techniques and core that you can utilize in other classes, daily activities, and postpartum. Meet other expectant mothers as you learn movements and exercise for your changing body.For any questions please email

Swim Fit (16+ yrs)

$75.00 Fee

May 22 - June 15 (Mon/Wed/Thurs)

6:00-7:00am at the Williston ARC

SwimFit is an aquatic endurance program that is geared towards helping adults prepare for triathlons or general swim fitness to improve swimming skills.  Questions? Email

Total Fitness Fusion

$72.00 3x a week (4 Weeks) 

$48.00 2x a week (4 weeks)

Date: June 5th- June 29th or 

         June 6th- June 29th

         July 10th- Aug 3rd

         July 11th- Aug 3rd

Days: Mon/Wed/Thur @ 6-7AM 

           Tues/Thur @ 9-10AM

TOTAL FITNESS FUSION is a full body training program for your everyday mobility and longevity that combines all your favorite workout styles, geared for all fitness levels. Work with our certified trainer for a mix of functional training-based classes. You will work on balance, strength, endurance, and mobility. This class combines weightlifting with Pilates and HIIT/cardio. Every day will be a different workout geared to keep your body guessing. Get stronger and healthier with this NEW Fusion class.

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