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Sports Sampler Camp (5-9 yrs.)

$20.00 Fee

July 31 - Aug 3 (Mon-Thurs)

10:30-11:20am (5-6 yrs.) at Williston ARC

11:30-12:20pm (7-9 yrs.) at Williston ARC

The Sports Sampler Camp offers Kindergarten through 2nd grade the opportunity to try out a variety of sports throughout the week. Each day one to two new sports will be introduced. Fundamentals will be learned, as well as games will be played. This camp takes place just a few weeks before school is back in session, just in time for your child to find out what they like. This camp will be great for introducing sports at a young age within a fun and non-competitive environment. Weather permitting, we may also be going outside some days!  Questions contact:

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