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Swimming Lessons

Swimming Lessons are open to all ages!  Our certified instructors will be there to teach your child the fundamentals, help them develop different swimming strokes and to make them comfortable and feel safe in the water. Swimming Lessons continue throughout the year.

Estimated Prices:

     Group Lessons - 8 lessons over 2 weeks, M-TH.  $51 per participant.

     Private Lessons - Up to 8 lessons at a time (may register again.)

          1 Child, 1 Lesson $30

          1 Child, 4 Lessons.  $120

          2 Children, 4 Lessons.  $160

          3 Children, 4 Lessons.  $200

     If you have any questions please email 

CPR web.png

Community CPR

Age:  16+

Fee: $75

June 7 (9:00-1:00pm)

July 20 (8:00-12:00pm)

Aug 5 (9:00-1:00pm)

Location: Williston ARC Meeting Rooms

We are proud to offer a CPR & First Aid Certification to the public through the Red Cross. One week prior to class, students will receive an online portion through the Red Cross website. This portion must be completed prior to the in-person training. On their registered date, students will attend hands on training at the ARC in AED, First Aid and CPR from one of our certified instructors. A short test will follow, which will complete the certification through the Red Cross.

Questions? Email

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